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What Do Commercial Driver Medical Assessments Include?

In order to operate a commercial motor vehicle in Australia, drivers are required to undergo a medical examination to ensure they are physically and mentally capable of safely operating such a vehicle. Commercial driver medical assessments are typically conducted by licensed medical professionals who are certified by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). Take a look at what these assessments include and why they are so important.

The Medical History

During a commercial driver medical assessment, a medical professional will review the driver's medical history to determine if they have any underlying health conditions that could impact their ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. This includes a review of any medications the driver may take, as well as any past surgeries or hospitalizations. The medical professional will also ask the driver about any current symptoms they may be experiencing.

Physical Examination

The medical professional will then conduct a thorough physical examination to check for any physical conditions that could impact the driver's ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. This includes checking the driver's vision, hearing and blood pressure, as well as conducting a neurological exam to assess the driver's reflexes and coordination.

Urine Test

As part of the assessment, the driver will also need to provide a urine sample to be tested for drugs or alcohol. If the driver tests positive for either substance, they will be disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Mental Health Evaluation

The medical professional will also conduct a mental health evaluation to assess the driver's cognitive abilities and emotional stability. This is important because drivers need to be able to make quick decisions and maintain their composure in stressful situations.


If the driver passes all parts of the assessment, they will be issued a medical certificate which is valid for a few years. This certificate must be carried with them at all times while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

The importance of commercial driver medical assessments cannot be overstated. These assessments help ensure that drivers are physically and mentally capable of safely operating a commercial motor vehicle, which is essential to preventing accidents on the road. By reviewing a driver's medical history, conducting a physical examination, and assessing their mental health, medical professionals can identify any conditions that could pose a risk to safety and take appropriate action. As a result, these assessments play a vital role in keeping highways safe.