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Is Shockwave Therapy a Revolutionary Treatment For Knee Pain?

Many people around the world suffer from knee pain. Some are athletes sidelined from training, whereas others are simply ordinary people trying to get by. Whichever camp you fall into, it is possible that you could benefit from a relatively new form of knee pain treatment: shockwave therapy.

What is Shockwave Knee Pain Treatment?

During shockwave therapy, a doctor or technician passes pressure waves through the body to stimulate joints and the muscles that surround them. The idea is that the stimulation provided by the waves can help to encourage damaged tissues to heal, leading to a reduction in knee pain over time. It is a non-invasive treatment, as shockwaves pass through the body without any need to make an incision or cut.

How Does Shockwave Knee Pain Treatment Work?

Shockwave therapy treats knee pain by promoting healing of the damaged tissues around the knee. The vibrations caused by the waves increase blood flow to the knee, which means that the body is able to deliver more oxygen and essential nutrients to the damaged area to help with healing. Shockwaves may also break down scar tissue, which can get in the way of healing and contribute to pain.

Does Shockwave Knee Pain Treatment Work?

Research shows that shockwave therapy is effective against a common form of knee pain known as patellar tendinopathy. Patients who received shockwave therapy experienced more pain relief than those who instead used medications, support braces, or physiotherapy.

How Long Does Shockwave Knee Pain Treatment Take to Work?

Some people experience almost immediate relief from their knee pain as a result of getting shockwave therapy. More commonly, the benefits become apparent after several sessions. The exact length of your treatment will depend on the type and severity of your knee pain. You can discuss how many treatment sessions you will need with your doctor. It is also possible that you might need further treatments later if your knee pain recurs.

Can You Combine Shockwave Therapy With Other Knee Pain Treatments?

Many doctors recommend combining shockwave knee pain treatment with other forms of treatment for best results. Physiotherapy, which aims to build up the strength of the tendons and muscles that provide support for the knee, can be very effective at preventing a resurgence of knee pain over the long term. You can discuss your treatment options with a doctor to find the best combination of treatments for your knee pain.