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Three Everyday Signs That Can Be The First Indicators Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is often thought of as something that only affects those in their senior years, but that is not strictly speaking true. Tens of thousands of Australians under the age of 65 suffer from varying levels of hearing loss, and there are many more out there who probably do but have not gotten themselves checked out. There are many modern solutions to hearing loss, and hearing aids are better now than they ever were and also come in many sizes and options to fit your lifestyle. But before you get prescribed hearing aids, you need to actually go and see a doctor about it! Here are three everyday signs of hearing loss that let you know it might be time to go get your ears checked out.

Frequencies At Either End Of The Spectrum Are Harder To Make Out

When hearing does start to decay, often, it is most noticeable with the extremities of your available hearing. For example, you might not hear the high-pitched beeping of the microwave, or perhaps you will no longer hear the same amount of deep, rumbling bass in your favourite song. Whichever end of the spectrum you struggle with, there is hope. Hearing aids are truly incredible pieces of medical apparatus that can increase the sound you can easily hear without trying to focus all your might on it.

Losing Balance

While your balance is not always tied to your hearing, there can certainly be some correlation between these issues. Your ears are, after all, quite important in maintaining balance, with three semi-circular canals located inside your ears providing a lot of the information to your brain about whether it is the right way up. If your balance starts to feel a little bit off, there is a pretty good chance that you could also be experiencing some kind of hearing loss as well. Whenever you complain of poor balance, odds are your doctor will have your hearing checked as well.

Appearing To Be More Clumsy

Hearing provides so much background information about the world around you that without it, you are less likely to notice where certain objects are, particularly if they have moved or are moving (such as a bike in the park). A lot of people blame this on simply being clumsy, but if you have never had this issue before and it starts to recur, then you might want to get it checked out. No one wants to be constantly bumped and bruised, especially when the solution can be as simple as a couple of hearing aids!