Podiatry Appointment Preparation Tips

How To Make The Most Of Your Knee Clinic Appointments

Visiting a specialist knee rehabilitation clinic can be a great way to work with doctors and other professionals to heal from a knee injury, regaining confidence and strength while reducing pain. However, it is important that you try to make the most of these appointments by following the simple tips below.

Communicate Effectively

Communicating effectively with a doctor or physical therapist can be difficult because we rarely talk about pain and also do not have the medical knowledge they have. However, you will get the most out of your sessions if you learn to talk accurately about pain and injury. You could keep a diary of when your knee hurts most or causes the most trouble. For example, you may discover it is worse on cold days, after exercise, or just after sleep — this information will all be useful to your doctors. The U.S. Department of Health offers some specific ways to describe pain — for example, throbbing, shooting, or cramping. Be as honest and specific as possible about what you are experiencing.

Be Respectful

A good way to get the most out of your knee rehabilitation clinic is to show that you respect the time of the doctors, nurses, or physiotherapists who work there. For example, you should show up on time to every appointment, and be proactive about doing any exercises, stretches or treatments that they recommend between sessions. This means no time is wasted and will help your recovery and their successful treatment of your knee. Make sure that you deal with any frustrations productively, and even spend some time online researching your condition, as there is lots of information available. For example, if you have runner's knee, Bupa has a handy guide to this condition, along with many others.

Ask What Else You Can Do

Everyone at your knee clinic, from doctors to physical therapists, will love a proactive patient who seems invested in their recovery and rehabilitation. Ask what you can do for any pain you have — for example, they may be able to recommend methods like using heat and cold to reduce pain. Ask about what you should avoid, and also whether there is anything — such as stretches or light exercise — that you should do to recover faster. You could also ask questions about the cause of your injury, and how you can prevent it from happening again. For example, if it was a running injury, your doctor may be able to give you technique tips to prevent a reinjury. Chi Running has some useful ideas, like bending your knees slightly and aligning your feet correctly.

If you are honest and communicative with professionals, devote yourself to completing any exercises or therapy you are told to do and openly discuss anything you could do to improve your knee health, your time at the knee clinic is sure to be productive and successful.

To learn more, contact a knee rehabilitation clinic in your area.