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Making This Year the Year That You Finally Quit Smoking

Many people start the new year with the goal of quitting smoking, but often these resolutions fall by the wayside as the year progresses. Getting some extra help from a doctor can be a great way to maximise the chances of this being the year that you do quit smoking for good. 


Smokers often have higher blood pressure and lower lung capacity than non-smokers. A doctor can give you an honest health assessment and can show you how your health is going compared to other people of the same age and background. This can often give you the motivation that you need to stop smoking, as well as a clear way of observing the improvement in your health after you've quit. It can help to keep you motivated when it might seem easier to start smoking. 

Nicotine replacement products

Many smokers find it easier to quit when they use nicotine replacements. It can be useful to get a doctor to help you work out the best dosages and how to combine different types of nicotine delivery to get you through tricky times such as patches, gum or lozenges. They can also prescribe some nicotine patches under the PBS (pharmaceutical benefits scheme) which can allow you to get these products at a more affordable price if you are on a tight budget or have a health care card. These rebates give you access to a 12-week regime of nicotine replacement which can get you through the first, hardest, part of kicking your addiction. 

Additional therapy and medication

Some people also need some additional help to get through the process of quitting smoking. This can include getting some counselling or psychotherapy if there is a strong mental aspect to your addiction. A doctor can write you a health care plan to access these services at a reduced price. 

Some people who have a very longstanding or heavy addiction to nicotine can also benefit from certain medications such as bupropion which can reduce your cravings and some of the symptoms of withdrawal. (This can be a great idea to try if you have tried to quit unsuccessfully in the past). A doctor can determine if this medication might be useful for you. 

If you are looking to quit smoking, then you should speak to a doctor. They can review your medical condition and smoking history to help you develop a quit plan that is right for you.